Halo Reach

You have been asking for a game based on the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach for a while now, and it appears like Bungie and Microsoft have yeard your cry. Today, at the Microsoft Press Conference, Bungie announced Halo: Reach.

This is what we can tell from the trailer:

-Reach will be a prequel to the Halo: Trilogy
-It will be based around the Battle of Reach
-Multiple Spartans will be involved
-An invitation for this game’s multiplayer Beta will be included with Halo 3: ODST.
-Halo Reach is due out in 2010

Here is another trailer to get you pumped up about the new Halo Reach experience.

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  1. Anonymous TO THE MAX!

    well this gmae is out now and the campaign was fun… but short and repetitive… the new improve forge mode tho is well above that of halo 3 :D ow you can finally build a flying fortress from which there is no escape!

  2. cheyenne

    FALL 2010!??!I CANT FRIGIN WAIT!!!!!!!

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