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Can't remember the last time I touched an online mode in a Halo game. Coop Story, Forge, Custom Games is all my group played; its a shame the games are still locked to the Xbox and not on Steam or else we'd still be playing them.

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The #HaloWC Finals are less than two weeks away! The best @Halo teams in the world will fight it out for the title of 2018 World Champions! CenturyLink Field Event Center Seattle, WA April 13-15 For more details, visit:

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Today on #ThisWeekInEsports , our very own @Tashi343i & @StrongSide are on the show! They'll be joined by @JimboGPK of @team_infused to discuss the upcoming #HaloWC 2018 Finals. Be sure to tune in now on … !

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Having a hard time tracking down Wave 2 of the 6” @Halo @Mattel figures or even the new 12” ? We’ve created a quick link to search @Walmart …

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Arriving weeks early to practice against North American teams, @team_infused is looking eager to break into the Top 6 again. Do they have what it takes to do it at the #HaloWC 2018 Finals?

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The iconic Halo 2 Battle Rifle has returned as your primary weapon in the H2 BR Slayer playlist. Jump into Halo 5 and see if you can still land that perfect 4-shot!

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We're proud to announce the talented broadcasters that will be calling all the action at the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals next weekend in Seattle! #HaloWC

Spartan Rise - Microsoft Paint art piece [drawing] by Erickyboo • r/halo

Hello. I finally finished my drawing of my Spartan on Microsoft Paint. It took me way too long to get to do, finished most of it recently. But yeah, it should have taken me less time but I finally finished it. I hope you guys enjoy my Spartan. I gave him a black/dark undersuit instead of the brighter coloured undersuit.

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This is truly a joke. Fortnite isn’t an esport and ninja is no longer a pro. It’s unfair to lump him in with actual competing pros, as he will win because of his following. Imagine sodapoppin or drdisrespect in this. Speaking of, why was the doctor not in this?

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Come hang out with 343 fiction folk Kenneth Peters and Jeff Easterling as they take a look at our universe's most important element: the Halo rings themselves. Tune in now and enjoy the interactive experience live on @WatchMixer !

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The players on @MyztroGaming showed that they were ready to compete with the best in Europe at the #HaloWC 2018 London Finals. Next weekend in Seattle, they hope to show they're ready to take on the rest of the world.

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RMS Titanic | A Halo 5 Aesthetic Map by C0naN 0007 | HSFN Spotlight Live

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In game screenshot of Master Chief's NEW armor for Halo 6! HYPE!

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Next weekend, the best players from around the world will compete for their share of $1,000,000 and the right to be called World Champions. Find out more info about the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals, including how to attend, on  ! #HaloWC

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Join 343's Jeremy Patenaude and Jeff Easterling as they break down the Halo Array for our latest lore-based livestream. Tune in tomorrow at 2pm PT on  for the fiction-focused chat!

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There have been some really cool autographed Halo items from over there years. Charity items, launch poster, and countless items from conventions. Here's a couple below. A Noble Team signed poster and a custom... …

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Miss out on the @HCS action from #HaloWC 2018 Sydney? Check out all the best moments from a weekend full of epic @Halo !

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MLG is looking for paid, local, positions for CWL Seattle and the Halo World Championship (travel not provided). If you are local to Seattle, and interested in working, contact

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All Units! A new #HaloWars2 balance update is live today along with the start of Season 10, which includes even more crossplay enabled playlists. Get the full details at HaloWaypoint: …

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The only team to take down the two-time Halo World Champions at back to back events. @Splyce is looking to do it a third time at the #HaloWC 2018 Finals next weekend. #MotivationMonday

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"We're not working on a Battle Royale mode" Confirmed by Frankie. Just waiting for someone to say "But he didn't say never"

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"We're not working on a Battle Royale mode" Confirmed by Frankie. Just waiting for someone to say "But he didn't say never"

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In exactly two weeks, we'll be crowning a team of Halo World Champions. Will you be there to see it happen? #HaloWC

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I bought HW2 a few days ago and all it seems to do is crash every 10 minutes. Do you possible have any idea on how to fix that?

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Happy Easter Everyone! Here are some Halo Easter Eggs for the day! These are some of Geoff and Gavin’s (Achievement Hunter) favorites but tell is yours. What are your favorite Halo Easter Eggs? -TheLegendary117 

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Is Fortnite E-Sports ever going to be a thing?! I swear to god I’ll get the band back together right now! TSM watch your back. The boy band could assemble at any moment! @Ninja @VictoryCJT @JacobHysteria

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We're only two weeks from kicking off the biggest Halo esports event of the year! The #HaloWC 2018 Finals in Seattle will feature the best sixteen teams in the world and $1,000,000 in prizing. Find out how to attend on  !

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Oddball is now featured in Team Arena! Read up on the changes and implementation on Waypoint: …

ArtBasement (u/ArtBasementOfficial) - Reddit

Actually, no, the photographer that did these photos took maximum 3 hours to make, on the other hand, this took about 8 to 12 hours to make. I'm sorry but it doesn't work that way, if someone makes a fan art of an existing character in an existing world, you don't say that but hey, that's different I guess because he actually has to draw the character. You can say that he drew the character on a piece of paper but the design, character trait that he will use is not his. I didn't just added a bunch of stuff, I added the rock, the shield, drew the shadows, changed the background, changed the colors, changed the whole thing basically. It IS my art and I am not full of myself for defending it, you guys are full of yourself for trying to argue that it isn't hard. When a photographer puts something in a website that he knows it's gonna be used and he agrees it's gonna be used. You guys can fuck right off, you're trying to dismiss what I do as stealing when it's not, I am sick and tired of, well, honestly, these non sens.

Halo 4's Beautiful Multiplayer

Halo 4 was and still is a beautiful game, even when it was on Xbox 360. Recently the community has shown Halo 4 a lot of love so I took it upon myself to make this tribute on my Xbox One X using the Master Chief Collection (MCC). I took shots of some of my favorite skyboxes and how 343 industries took a lot of care to make this game a piece of art. I also wanted to showcase how amazing Neil Davidge's OST (soundtrack) is and he made some amazing Halo music. Follow Fletch // SUBSCRIBE for more UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE Halo content! // Follow us on Twitter! // Like us on Facebook! // Have any questions? // Ask us anything in the comments section! Been Blocked? Well, there's a reason for that! // At Ultimate Halo, we believe in building a positive, fun-loving community of Halo fans! We welcome and encourage all criticism, however, we have a zero tolerance policy on unpleasant comments towards our team, their videos, and our subscribers.

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Our group for the #HaloWC is set! Are you attending in person or watching online?! We're only two weeks away!!! #StayRIPPIN

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GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Halo Wars 2 has officially fallen to the desires of our new Unggoy overlord, YAPYAP THE DESTROYER! Tune in to Mixer's own DJBLUE PDX this weekend to watch the mayhem and carnage unfold! Saturday... …