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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S03 E04 HALO Books for 2018!

MORE HALO BOOKS! The Mini Chief immediately reads these books and has an opinion on them. And speaking of opinion, we've added a new Codpiece rating system (COD Rating), 5 CODs being the highest based on his take on overall story and characters. Reading is power... like a MAC Cannon. @halogear

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Me every time: SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! Credit - Cmbalke - Alastair

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We're kicking off a new livestream series on @WatchMixer by jumping into Halo 5's upcoming new Elimination playlist for a Community Playdate. Join us live this Wednesday at 1:30pm PT on  for all the festivities!

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Whether at close quarters or long range, you'll be perfectly equipped for the task at hand - Shotty Snipers is back by popular demand!

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Happy Friday! Follow & RT for a chance to win one of three @Mattel @Halo Master Chief Tactical Role Play Helmets! #FreeStuffFriday

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The official Twitter account of the Halo Championship Series, Halo esports, and competitive multiplayer. #HCS #HaloWC

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This week's Community Update recaps an extremely busy couple of weeks in Halo, from the #HaloWC 2018 Finals and Halo 5 playlist updates to awesome community contributions, cool new art, and much more. Take a look at what's been up! …

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A brand-new Elimination playlist, changes to both Ranked and Social experiences, the implementation of a new skill rating system, and more will be coming to Halo 5 next week. Read all about it! …

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The Halo World Championship 2018 tour was filled with fantastic finishes, mind-blowing plays, and memorable moments. Let's take a look at our top five favorite performances from this year's incredible #HaloWC season!

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I don't know if anybody has been following close with this but this game is going to be the best thing since Halo 3 for the community if I'm being honest. They've been working on an update (0.6) for over a year now. The game is basically Halo 3 on PC except it has modding support, 60 fps, etc. The new update will implement a whole new ui that they've built and everything will be in game. No launchers or anything like that. There's no sprint. There's forge. There's no campaign or matchmaking or theater, but they do have server browser working very well. The new update has so much to talk about I mean they've been developing it for over a year. This will be the most complete Halo game we've gotten since 2007. If you don't believe me look below. First video is just some highlights I got. The 2nd two videos are some progress on the forging aspect. Believe me I haven't been happy playing Halo since 2010, and I'm having so much fun on this. MLG FFAs, Duck hunt, infection, 2v2s, 4v4s, 8v8s, etc. It's amazing and it took me literally 2 minutes to select my mods to get the game looking and playing almost identically to Halo 3.

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We’ve teamed up with @WarChild_Gaming to create a limited print run Halo #retroREPLAY tee. Proceeds from each sale goes directly to @WarChildUK to help children affected by conflict. Show your support and pick one up today! …

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Limited Edition RvB 15th Anniversary Screen Print Poster -  Press Start to Play

Limited edition screen print poster by Ari Wagner . Each poster is hand numbered and signed by the artist. Press Start to Play edition of 500 copies. Poster features arcade inspired art of Red vs Blue with holographic accents. Poster Measures 18" x 24".

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So I just went a little nuts and purchased all the shirts and the rvb poster. They're all so good I couldn't decide. #gifttomyself

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Revisit a time when the malevolent machinations of the High Council ruled the Covenant empire with the latest Halo Legendary Crate: Truth Foretold! Snag another exclusive Halo Icons figure, illuminating t-shirt and more - Order by 6/15 at  to secure yours.

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"You know our motto - we deliver!" Happy (Echo) 4/19 day, everyone! May your Warthogs always be dropped off warmed up and ready to roll.

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A huge thank you to @EDWSnip3down , @MLGACE , @KevinEcoSmith , and @Mikwen for hanging with us at 343 today and having some great conversations. Have fun in Hawaii! #HCS

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Shoutout to /u/dovahkiin0117 on @RedditHalo who takes some great photos of his Halo figures. Here's a link to see more of his shots: …

VLOG | HALO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 w/ Greenskull, Wardog, ChiefCanuck, GrimBrother1, & HiddenXperia

VLOG | HALO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 w/ Greenskull, Wardog, ChiefCanuck, GrimBrother1, & HiddenXperia

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Looking forward to the Master Chief Correction! #ClassicHalo has always been the most enjoyable console shooter of all time. Can’t wait to host some Halo 2 LAN tournaments in Nebraska! Might have to do some online tournaments as well!

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Every once in awhile something rare and awesome comes into our hands.

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We had a great time at #HaloWC great event, great friends and of course some cool swag.

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Here is a Halo short that was recently shared with me. If you enjoy this be sure to show the creator some support by liking the video and subscribing to his channel, spread the love! …

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"Halo, it's finished." Incredible fan-made photoshop from DaVintchi of the recently revealed in-progress Halo: The Master Chief Collection splash screen! Source: …

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He qualified by winning a Halo event at our Microsoft Store in Tampa Bay, and is now the newest #HaloWC FFA Champion. Congrats @RyaNoobHCS !

EnVy Halo - Halo World Championship 2018 Day 3 Recap

The last day of Halo World Championship 2018 and the team encounters controversy. Watch as they make their final run on Championship Sunday! *Please help our videos reach everyone by contributing close captions* - Support our Boys In Blue! #nVp CS:GO ESL - Overwatch League - MERCH! Visit our sponsors: Thank you to our sponsors: Monster Gaming: Scuf Gaming: NZXT:

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There are 18 passes left for the #GFG2018 4v4 tournament. Winners gets free Chipotle for a year and $1000. Not a bad prize if I don't say so myself. RT! Sign up here: … …

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Halo: MCC LAN support, UI updates, matchmaking improvements, and more - coming soon for public testing! - …

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Thank you everyone for your excitement and eagerness to be a part of the MCC Insider Program! And thank you for your patience waiting on the next development update, which is now available here: …

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Official Work In Progress UI/UX for The Master Chief Collection

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Work continues on MCC and the first Insider Program public flight is fast approaching. Read more about the project’s current status and what’s ahead in our latest development blog: …

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When the nickname gets you a helmet thats stuck in the lore and you can never escape it now. …

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A new king was crowned this weekend as @Splyce took home all the marbles at the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals. Read up on all the biggest moments and magnificent matchups in our official #HaloWC recap! …

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I do have Android, I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to download a new key oard to use them. It's okay though I'm gonna get SwiftKey just for this

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You can celebrate @Splyce 's Halo World Championship win by rocking their emblem and weapon skins in Halo 5. Now available in-game and online! #HaloWC

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For those thinking about coming to Gamers For Giving for the Halo Tournament. Did I mention that the winner will get FREE CHIPOTLE FOR A YEAR??? … Get your teams Registered! Only 2 weeks away!