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I wish the Halo community, 343 and all of my friends a wonderful Christmas and new year. 2017 has been hard, turbulent to say the least but I look forward to a prosperous 2018. Happy holidays, love Fletch. …

Halo 1 - What Does Echo 419 Foehammer Look Like? (FACE REVEALED)

Finally after almost 17 years, we can finally see what the famous yet mysterious Foehammer (Echo 419) looks like. This will be a face reveal for her basically and will hopefully answer the question everyone has been wondering for awhile! Enjoy! Discord: Patreon: Subscribe for more: Facebook: Twitter: Stay tuned!

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The first Halo World Championship 2018 event will take place in Orlando, FL on Feb 16-18. Find details on the open tournament using the links below! #HaloWC Event page:  Format: …

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Continuing testing, the updates below are in the bookmarks of “Official HCS” gamertag marked “v4” Oddball -Player Respawn 8 seconds to 10 seconds -Two hit beat down -Player has Thrust Maps -The Rig, Eden, Plaza: Red/Blue Initial spawns adjusted to address Red team advantage

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Dishing out the latest video game news, humor, memes, fun facts, rumors, and more! Shoot us a DM or email at VGFTwitter [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Attention, Spartans. Last chance to save big on #Halo equipment. Get 30% off your order until 12/31. Don't cry about it if you miss out. #holidays #bonusstage GEAR UP:

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In progress piece.... and it's about time I finish lolol.

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Yes please. Opportunity for darker story telling. Also the format lends itself to an open world halo game. could have player progressive squad mechanics and maybe even 3rd person

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Actually being a Spartan III fan i would like a ferret game.The spartans wearing SPI would still give it a challenge and since SPI has VISR and added active came a stealth element could be added. And their handler Veta Lopis is lot like a Dare Character so it would be perfect

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Personally I would, I really enjoyed ODST, I didn't feel like a godly super-soldier, I was a mere marine, a very badass marine, but a marine nontheless. Though I would like it's sequel (if it ever becomes a thing) to have a bigger emphasis on stealth.

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I'm always going to want another ODST styled game...One day! Would you like another ODST styled game? Comment below and tell us WHY!

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I expect a bigger playlist like halo 2 or 3,armour customization like reach, story as good as H1 and longer than 10 hours,theater mode fixed

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I'm excited to see how Humanity copes with no A.Is (On the exception of some like Roland etc). What are you looking forward to in the Halo 6 story? Comment below!

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Nice to see Chief enjoyed Christmas! Even in his downtime he keeps the helmet on! Credit to: …

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Quite a few soundtracks being released today! Take a listen to a wonderful rendition of 'Never Forget' in @Installation01 , by @Jafet_Meza ! Great work! …

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For the first time in maybe 7 years I didn't get any Gaming related Items ....Honestly, Kinda a relaxing change :) I have so many games, I have yet to even open still :/

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where entertainment and all the channel updates live. Also you'll be knowing me as a person as well! Pls note that I do have Autism, So please don't be abusive

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The legend himself, The man who took Halo to the next level with his godly music, @MartyTheElder ! After so many years, The TRUE final version of the Destiny Music has FINALLY been released! You don't want to miss this - So many Halo Vibes! Link: …

One Hour of Epic Halo Music

The epic touch of Halo music, in one hour. Download full album here ➜ Download all these pictures here ➜ TRACKLIST 01. Finish the Fight (Halo 3 Original Soundtrack) // 00:00 02. Halo (Halo Combat Evolved OST) // 02:31 03. We’re Burning Sunshine (Halo Wars DVD Soundtrack) // 5:34 04. This Glittering Band (Halo 2 Anniversary OST) // 8:21 05. Tip of The Spear (Halo: Reach OST) // 10:53 06. Follow in Flight (Halo 2 Anniversary OST) // 13:58 07. Genesong (Halo 2 Anniversary OST) // 17:28 08. Blow Me Away (Instr.) (Halo 2 OST) // 20:33 09. Rock in a Hard Place (Halo CE Anniversary OST) // 22:48 10. Halo Theme Scarab Mix (Halo 2 Anniversary OST) // 24:08 11. NMPDHQ (Skyline) (Halo 3 ODST OST) // 27:09 12. Strung (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary) // 29:50 13. Halo Theme Gungnir Mix (Halo 2 Anniversary OST) // 31:40 14. Mantis (Halo 4 OST) // 35:55 15. Finishing the Fight (Halo Spartan Assault OST) // 39:58 16. Halo Theme Scorpion Mix (Halo 2 Anniversary OST) // 42:54 17. Halo Finale (Greatest Journey Mix) (Halo 3 OST) // 46:01 18.

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@Ultimate_Halo Were amazing enough to order me Stardew Valley off of amazon :) Thank you <3

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Just found out that a member on a Halo FB group did not have Halo: MCC so two other members (Who he did not know) sent him a copy! Stories like this are the reason this community is awesome!

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'Twas the night before Christmas, with fireside crackle Not a Covie was stirring, not even a jackal …

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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If you could own one which one would it be? FAV= Pelican RT= Phantom

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Jump in to the most feature-packed Halo experience yet – now available in 4K Ultra HD on Xbox One X. Save up to 50% on Halo 5: Guardians Digital Deluxe Edition through Jan. 4! …

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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#DailyHaloFact The Halo Reach Map 'Condemned' is set upon Gamma Station orbiting the planet Reach. Prior to the Covenant attack, Gamma Station provided long range communications for UNSC fleets and a vital lifeline between Reach and Earth. Credit to:

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Get the latest info on map and mode settings for the upcoming #HaloWC 2018 season including updates on Oddball, gametype list, and more! …

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Killer deal on @Halo 5 for anyone looking to pick it up or who just got an Xbox One for the holidays! …

Countdown to 2018 | Xbox

It's easy to make friendly competition even more fun for everyone. Bump up your gaming arsenal with a full range of Limited Edition and Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controllers.

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We’ve also got some more format details for the #HaloWC Orlando Open including information about seeding, performance at Fall Finals 2017, and more: …

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It's extremely powerful imagery, seeing our larger-than-life hero, a man of action, so small and vulnerable, so still and unmoving in the vacuum of space. Halo 4 is just so amazing. I can never give it enough praise. @Halo #Halo4

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Just a few months w/ HCS FFA settings and you can change it back to default if you have to. I feel like it’s pretty important to have a way to practice with the real settings any time of day instead of hoping to find a spot in a custom lobby if one is even going on

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Ride into battle with some of the most popular vehicles in Halo 5 – the Greatest Hits Vehicle Pack is now available!

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As part of the @Xbox Holiday Countdown sale, you can find the Spartan Recruit Pack for 50% off, and save up to 40% off on Gold Packs bundles!

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THIS IS ESL 2017. For the players, the creators, the fans. FOR YOU!

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Happy Holidays ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone! @MegaConstrux @HaloCollector @Ultimate_Halo

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"Why," you ask? Because we want profile pages to have freedom of customization, but also to have some consistency. This way, when anyone visits a deviant, they know they can always find the art in the top left, and personal info in the top right.

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Theres a lot of controversy surrounding 343's art style, but theres one thing that most of the community seems to be in agreement with, and thats Sanghelios is absolutely stunning! - Alastair

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Hoping if The Created decide to EMP the entire UNSC (Humanity), The UNSC are forced to work from bottom to top. The Irony of depending on backwater worlds (Maybe) which the UNSC deserted could produce some interesting rifts/stories/books.

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If you could pick a epic team for Chief to fight alongside with, Who would the other 3 characters be? Comment below! Image Credit: …

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The official Twitter account of the Halo Championship Series, Halo esports, and competitive multiplayer. #HCS #HaloWC

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In the latest @Halo Waypoint, @GrimBrotherOne reveals the cover to my upcoming novel, Bad Blood, which stars Buck, the hero voiced by @NathanFillion :

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60 Halo 6 - Master Chief's SHOCKING New Ally VS Evil Cortana
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