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I really want these as I love @Str8Rippin and have pretty much every other skin, but I can’t justify the purchase when the HCS playlist doesn’t even allow you to use them atm (the magnum) and is testing different load outs which may even make existing skins obsolete, smh.

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Join us tomorrow at Seattle's University Village @MicrosoftStore for a Halo 5 Free-For-All tournament. While there, attendees and competitors will be able to receive ton of sweet prizes. Find out more about the event and register at … !

Halo 2 Anniversary weird yet cool glitch

Halo 2 Anniversary weird yet cool glitch

Halo Gear - 2017 Black Friday Deals

Hey everyone! Man, what a crazy couple of weeks, eh’? Last week, we gave you a robust recap of all the crazy Halo happenings announced and discussed in the Livestream. There was a lot to digest, and a lot to be excited about, that’s for sure. Make sure to check out the aforelinked Update for all the initial details. This week we’ve got a few more things to catch up on across the Halo universe, so let’s get right to it.

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There’s some amazing halo deals on Amazon right now and one of the best is this Bluetooth @Halo Master Chief Speaker by @AWESOMECOOLUK . Originally $249.99 you can score this awesome speaker for $159.99

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Join the award-winning team behind Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2 and make your mark on a BRAND-NEW IP

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They talk about loot boxes in general. Ever heard about loot crate or Akibento? You can expect what kind of items you will get but it's a different surprise everytime. But yea,.. maybe this isn't that good of an idea to do this with videogames. I didn't really think about that

Epic Stone Spartan Brawl

This took the best part of 3 months to create this stone spartan battle, hope you enjoy! Twitter: @ElzieEdits (Might do a breakdown video in the future if enough are interested) Programs used: Cinema4D Final Cut Pro X TurbulenceFD After Effects Red Giant Universe Magic Bullet Looks Full video:

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Healthy reminder that I love all of you, regardless of your opinion on MTX, loot boxes, sprint, Sangheili morphology, sports teams, Halo 5's campaign, politics, mayo (gross), loadout weapons, etc. To varying degrees, for sure, but love you all nonetheless. <3

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Whether you want to frag like a pro, pwn stupid noobs, or give 'em the backsmack - Str8 @Halo 5 Weapon Skins are now available for purchase!  Check out this Montage by @Xandahman & @ElzieEdits ! …

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We're kicking off Black Friday sales a bit early! Find discounts of up to 40% off on REQ Packs in-game and online. Gear up, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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Probably alright.

In the movie American Psycho , Christian Bale based the main character on a Letterman interview featuring Tom Cruise in 1999. When asked about the inspiration behind Patrick Bateman, he replied: “Tom Cruise on David Letterman had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.”

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I love the @megaconstrux figures. Can't wait to get my hands on Halo Heroes series 6!

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Halo 5 Gears of War 4 Two Xbox One X enhanced titles for just $35 Today's the last day to secure the epic bundle! …

An Inside Look at Life as an Esports Caster - No Playing Field

Veteran esports commentators including Alex "Machine" Richardson and Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere weigh in on the ins and outs of being in front of the camera at the world's largest esports events. ► Subscribe for more esports, tech & culture videos: ◄ 'No Playing Field' is a series by Mashable following the behind-the-scenes of the ever-growing world of esports. From huge investment opportunities, to secret team tactics, to obsessed fans, the series gives deep insights on how esports came to be, its current challenges and where it's heading next. Produced by Matt Kline MORE FROM MASHABLE ‌• For more esports, check out our ’No Playing Field' playlist: ‌• 6 Turning Points in Esports History - ‌• PlayerUnknown Says 'PUBG' Has What Other Esports Don't - ‌• PlayerUnknown Reveals His Favorite 'PUBG' Streamer - Subscribe: Check out our best of playlist: MASHABLE ACROSS THE WEB Mashable.

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The @MicrosoftStore in Palo Alto, CA will be holding a Halo 5 FFA tomorrow. Don't miss out! Get more details and register to compete here:

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After only starting his tournament career earlier this year, @TappingButtons found his way onto @EvilGeniuses - competing side by side with Halo legends @Lunchbox & @theRoyBorg . #MotivationMonday

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Who is your favourite character seen in Halo? Whether it was the books, games, movies, etc. - Alastair

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Hitting the max rank in Halo 5 today! That's right, it's time to get that SR 152. Come watch on  &  !

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Okay, This is cool! Master Chief Cookie....Where can I buy these in bulk!?! Credit to:

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This is why I love Halo Wars 2. (We did end up losing but what a game)

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A special Halo 5 Free-For-All competition will take place this Sunday, Nov 19 at the University Village @MicrosoftStore in Seattle. Enter to compete for a chance to win a full scale replica of the Brute Plasma Rifle! Event details and registration: …

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We've added crossplay to three more playlists in Halo Wars 2! Friends on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One can now enjoy Rumble, Versus AI, and Blitz Duel together. Grab a partner and jump in!

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Halo Wars 2 has been nominated as "Best Strategy Game" for the TGA 2017 Awards! Absolute contender - One of the best strategy games on the Xbox One! Great work from 343i!

Awards - The Game Awards

The Game Awards is proud to announce the 102 games and individuals nominated for this year’s awards. Winners will be revealed live on Thursday, December 7. Find out where to watch The Game Awards here .

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Halo Wars 2 has been nominated as "Best Strategy Game" for the TGA 2017 Awards! Absolute contender - One of the best strategy games on the Xbox One! Great work from 343i!

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The legend himself @GuggaLeunnam has released a new video! If you're looking forward to the next Star Wars Movie you're going to want to watch this! … Check it out!

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The official Twitter account of the Halo Championship Series, Halo esports, and competitive multiplayer. #HCS #HaloWC

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We took a step into the fabled @Halo museum at 343industries. Check out our 360degree images in the link. …