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“Chief, you are absent without leave. It is not your turn to go to the beach.”

Ultimate Halo on Twitter

The last bit of Two Betrayals, the 'Final Run' chapter, where Under Cover of Night is playing as you fight through an all-out battle against the Covenant and the Flood in the snow on your way to the Banshee to get to the last pulse generator. Nothing tops that...

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Halo Esports #HaloWC on Twitter

New Halo World Championship 2018 details have been announced! Get the latest information on events dates, tournament partners, locations, format and more! …

Ultimate Halo on Twitter

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Continuing testing, the updates below are in the bookmarks of “Official HCS” gamertag marked “v4” Oddball -Player Respawn 8 seconds to 10 seconds -Two hit beat down -Player has Thrust Maps -The Rig, Eden, Plaza: Red/Blue Initial spawns adjusted to address Red team advantage

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Halo movie set on harvest when the covies attack. Main character is a civi/marine/odst who all eventually die (obviously)

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"Why," you ask? Because we want profile pages to have freedom of customization, but also to have some consistency. This way, when anyone visits a deviant, they know they can always find the art in the top left, and personal info in the top right.

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Hold up one second. I'm seeing this flash across Social Media at the moment! Halo 6 teaser NEXT WEDNESDAY? This is unexpected. Take this with a HUGE pinch of salt! Source: …

Ultimate Halo on Twitter

Serious Question Halo fans! What do you think Halo 6 needs to do to improve the Halo Multiplayer? Do you think Halo 5 Multiplayer sets a solid foundation or do you think changes are needed? Comment below!

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DLC is a choice, but once purchased it’s a service. Your arguement is bad - ‘it’s 2 years old’ some of these skins are a day old... Sigh, doesn’t seem like you understand how things are supposed to work; I’ll just leave it there since you don’t seem capable of comprehending it.

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For the first time in maybe 7 years I didn't get any Gaming related Items ....Honestly, Kinda a relaxing change :) I have so many games, I have yet to even open still :/

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I can't decide which series to rank, so here we go: Zelda 1. Breath of the Wild 2. Ocarina of Time 3. A Link Between Worlds 4. A Link to the Past 5. Wind Waker Mario 1. World 2. 3 3. Odyssey 4. Galaxy 5. 64 Sonic 1. 3/K 2. 2 3. Mania 4. Adventure 5. Adventure 2

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I wish the Halo community, 343 and all of my friends a wonderful Christmas and new year. 2017 has been hard, turbulent to say the least but I look forward to a prosperous 2018. Happy holidays, love Fletch. …

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Halo Esports #HaloWC on Twitter

Tickets and team passes for the #HaloWC Orlando Open will be available starting Jan 5. See the event hub for all details including venue, hotel, travel, and more!

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Join us tomorrow at Seattle's University Village @MicrosoftStore for a Halo 5 Free-For-All tournament. While there, attendees and competitors will be able to receive ton of sweet prizes. Find out more about the event and register at … !

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Dishing out the latest video game news, humor, memes, fun facts, rumors, and more! Shoot us a DM or email at VGFTwitter [at] gmail [dot] com.

Halo Esports #HaloWC on Twitter

Tom “Ogre 2” Ryan. 5x @MLG National Champion, WCG World Champion, and 40 major 4v4 tournament wins - all across six different game titles. #MotivationMonday

Halo Esports #HaloWC on Twitter

lul i played halo since the beginning of halo 2 and have competed in multiple MLG events even placing top 32 in San Diego. Halo 5 is a joke and they need to release a new halo. Optic is still in because its easy money for them lol

MLG on Twitter

We're happy to announce our partnership with HCS for the 2018 #HaloWC season! Watch more on MLG.

24 Lets Finish The Fight

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Halo Championship Series - HaloWC 2018 Roadmap

Back in October, we revealed the Halo 5 Local Server application for Windows 10, and since then Microsoft Stores and community LANs have taken advantage of this new feature to play Halo 5 the same way top players do at official HCS events. Today, we’re also excited to announce that we’re partnering with the Microsoft Surface team to make Surface the official local server hardware of the Halo World Championship 2018. Every tournament station at each Halo World Championship 2018 event will be outfitted with a Surface to provide the smoothest tournament experience for all players. We’ll have more to announce about this great partnership in the future.

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A new chapter begins in 2018. Learn more tomorrow at 11AM PST. #HaloWC #HCS

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Halo CE Master Chief Sketch! Don't get me wrong this is amazing, But it's not a sketch, It's a master piece! Credit to:

Ultimate Halo on Twitter

Two things happened in this alternate universe.... 1/ Humanity lost the war 2/ Global Warming hit hard. Pic Credit: …

Why It's Not That Easy to 'Fix' Halo

Greenskull's video was great, he was getting thoughts of Pro Halo players about what they thought the future of Halo should look like and what changes they should make. However since then there's been a spark of discussion on Twitter and various platforms about what should be 'fixed' about Halo. Spartan abilities, sprint and various other mechanics are on the forefront of this but we need a balanced view from the rest of the community because there are so many subsets. Follow Fletch SUBSCRIBE for more UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE Halo content! // Follow us on Twitter! // Like us on Facebook! // Have any questions? // Ask us anything in the comments section! Been Blocked? Well, there's a reason for that! // At Ultimate Halo, we believe in building a positive, fun-loving community of Halo fans! We welcome and encourage all criticism, however, we have a zero tolerance policy on unpleasant comments towards our team, their videos, and our subscribers.

Mike Cavanaugh on Twitter

All @HCS Oddball v1 maps are now in the "Official HCS" fileshare. Plaza The Rig Eden Empire Truth Regret Mercy (with lifts) Test the maps out and let me know what you think!



Brian Shea on Twitter

I can't decide which series to rank, so here we go: Zelda 1. Breath of the Wild 2. Ocarina of Time 3. A Link Between Worlds 4. A Link to the Past 5. Wind Waker Mario 1. World 2. 3 3. Odyssey 4. Galaxy 5. 64 Sonic 1. 3/K 2. 2 3. Mania 4. Adventure 5. Adventure 2

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Hoping to see a change n the ranking System in Halo 6. (Something like we had in Reach) Do you think the ranking system needs to change? Comment below!

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Picture of Reach being glassed in 2552.

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Michael Garcia on Twitter

Excited to announce my official team for the upcoming 2018 @HCS season: @Articc__ @TappingButtons @RyanSondhi Looking for an organization to represent moving forward, contact me if interested.

Mark Hatcher on Twitter

Thanks dude! Trying to add a bit of background for people ahead of what we have in store for 2018, Hopefully gives people some players to root for!

JamesonLocke on Twitter

Actually being a Spartan III fan i would like a ferret game.The spartans wearing SPI would still give it a challenge and since SPI has VISR and added active came a stealth element could be added. And their handler Veta Lopis is lot like a Dare Character so it would be perfect

Geoffery on Twitter

Personally I would, I really enjoyed ODST, I didn't feel like a godly super-soldier, I was a mere marine, a very badass marine, but a marine nontheless. Though I would like it's sequel (if it ever becomes a thing) to have a bigger emphasis on stealth.

Ultimate Halo on Twitter

I'm always going to want another ODST styled game...One day! Would you like another ODST styled game? Comment below and tell us WHY!

Xavi Strife on Twitter

I expect a bigger playlist like halo 2 or 3,armour customization like reach, story as good as H1 and longer than 10 hours,theater mode fixed

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I'm excited to see how Humanity copes with no A.Is (On the exception of some like Roland etc). What are you looking forward to in the Halo 6 story? Comment below!

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Nice to see Chief enjoyed Christmas! Even in his downtime he keeps the helmet on! Credit to: …

Ultimate Halo on Twitter

Quite a few soundtracks being released today! Take a listen to a wonderful rendition of 'Never Forget' in @Installation01 , by @Jafet_Meza ! Great work! …

The MHSPchristmas on Twitter

where entertainment and all the channel updates live. Also you'll be knowing me as a person as well! Pls note that I do have Autism, So please don't be abusive

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The legend himself, The man who took Halo to the next level with his godly music, @MartyTheElder ! After so many years, The TRUE final version of the Destiny Music has FINALLY been released! You don't want to miss this - So many Halo Vibes! Link: …

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