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Rumor is that @GameStop @OriginalFunko @Halo Exclusive is Master Chief with Energy sword. No confirmation on what version of MC though. @HaloGear

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Team passes are going quick! Don't miss your chance to compete in the Halo World Championship! #HaloWC Orlando:  London:  Sydney:

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Here's a chance to help us determine future #PixelPals characters! Who would you most like to join your collection next? Answer below & RT

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Inspired by @BaileyJIII 's Recent Sgt.Johnson artwork. Here's the very first Halo Legendary Crate Icon rendered in SFM! P.S @GrimBrotherOne I know you want Jumping arbiter ;-)

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Halo Reach M45 In Real Life! Credit to:

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Tune in this Sunday 1/21 at 5PM GMT / 9AM PT to watch the European #HaloWC online tournament casted by @OnsetMTH , @WonderboyHalo & @Lethal_HT in the @Gfinity Arena! Watch at  &

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Compete for free and earn seeding points in this weekend’s #HaloWC online tournament on @GameBattles here: …

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#UHScreenshotOfTheWeek ! Check out this AMAZING Screenshot by @NuveIous which was also featured in the latest Community Update: …

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Halo 6 Progress in one word.... Diligently = Shows care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties. Liking the sound of that! …

Halo 5 Montage # 2

No Mercy [Nightcore] - PVRIS - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (2017)

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Check out my new Halo 5 map! Starkiller Base from Star Wars: Episode VII. 4v4 Asymmetrical core map!

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Decided to recreate next month's Halo Legendary Crate figurine in Source Filmmaker, I think it turned out pretty good (and was very fun to setup).

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The moment you make this in your Adobe Beginners Class! This is awesome! Credit to:


Así como María Luisa Contrata alguno de nuestros servicios y EMPO MS te regala 1 playera de su primera colección otoño-invierno!! Tenemos grandes promociones para este 2018! Dedicados a divertir-TE

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EU update: Online tournaments for Europe on @GameBattles will now take place on Sundays. Be sure to tune in this Sunday on  &  as @Gfinity will be bringing you all of the action live! Register: …

117 - Guitar Cover II (Halo 4 Symphonic Metal Tribute)

A symphonic metal remix to my one of my favorite songs of all time.

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So I dont mind 4 being "cod like" as it was their first game, and they went into a massive franchise. Sure therr was ex bungie memebers but still The story in 4 id say was solid The gameplay in 5 id say is solid Now with halo 6 they just need tje time to put them together

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Nah, now would be nice. Forget Halo 6, THIS is where the real good stuff's at!

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I hope next Project of ¨Halo 7¨ is not a Master Chief game type anymore and gets place in Halo Universe with totally different characters, maybe FPS or not, with new mechanics and a new creation for 343i, they are a talented team. Imagine the posibilities of a ¨new¨ IP.

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Today is the 1/17! Happy 117 Day!

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Awesome Halo Collection! Credit to: … feel free to send us pics of your Halo Collection!

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Join us on stream tomorrow, Jan. 17 at 2pm PT on  for a special behind-the-scenes look at Halo: Warfleet! Tune in to learn more about Halo spacecraft lore and what it takes to bring guidebooks like these to life. #CanonFodder

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For legends of the UNSC, this premium quality custom bomber jacket is suitable for just about any occasion. We haven't 'officially' tested it against a Needler volley though. #halo #halowc #halowars2 Get Equipped:


Snatch up our FINAL #Halo items before they're gone forever! - Flight Deck Officer: $249.99 $99.99 - UNSC Outpost Jacket: $189.99 $99.99 - Catapult Tee: $49.99 $29.99 - Spartan Softshell: €129.00 €77.00 … #halo5 #UNSC #sale

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Registration for the Halo 5 FFA Qualifier Series at your local @MicrosoftStore is now open! Learn more and sign up for the first tournament on January 28 here:

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All Units! A new #HaloWars2 game update is now available for Xbox One and Win10 PC. Check out the patch notes and balance changes on Halo Waypoint: …

Halo 4 Soundtrack - 117 - EPIC MIX

Paul Gerrard


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Keeping with the theme of Concept Art, Here's a piece I love! Beautiful.

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Find. Claim. Profit. The salvager’s motto. On sale today in trade paperback: @Halo SMOKE AND SHADOW by @KellyHGay ! #halo @GalleryBooks

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NEXT MONTH, @HCS returns to London with a huge HaloWC event - the best teams in Europe will face off, as well as a huge FFA showdown! … …

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I will never get over how pretty Shutdown is in Halo 4...